Download EPSXE APK for Android, PC Windows 7/8/8.1/10

EPSXE APK Download for android.  There are many applications in the market that are available to use by us at a reasonable price with so many features and likely similar experience like that on our Android Phones. This apk stands at top with many features in many ways. EPSXe Apk for Android is an emulator application created especially for Android users, and it is a special apk that allows individual android users to use PlayStation Emulator. After the success of EPSXE free emulator, the creators featured a concept to permit Android customers to use this app on the Smartphones. This app works very fasts, as well as it functions actually very smooth without the error.

What is EPSXE Apk?

download epsxe emulator apk

EPSXe apk was developed with simple user interface to use and setup also, it offers all the games to work in the android mobile. There are few products like SNES emulators which are available in the market and help you to download the SNES games via play. There’s an extra feature where you can separate your display right into two so that two individuals could play a video game versus one an additional.

Features of EPSXE APK

Here are some exciting and awesome key features of this wonderful emulator app that make this unique and different from another app.

  • This app acts as an arcade emulator application and allows all the PlayStation games to be played
  • It has an unbelievable feature called error free user interface and It has a multiplayer support system
  • The devices like OTG are fully compatible with ePSXe apklike as joystick, gamepads, and keyboard.
  • External USB drives can also be used to play and load the games.
  • It provides Visual touchscreen pad and it is compatible with that device which are running on Gingerbread 2.3.3 and above.
  • It works without any error and It gives you full throttle and exact sound technology
  • The user can split tab screen into two parts
  • It provides hardware buttons mapping.

How to Download epsxe apk for android

Download epsxe apk for android

EPSXe is an outstanding android video game emulator apk that features a superb interface and view and it is compatibility, proper noises while gaming. You can this gaming android emulator with your Android smart phones, tablet and computers as well as mobile phones equally and can change environment of APK to acquire add HD design. Top features of ePSXe 1.9.18 APK are given above, and also you can get the knowledge on how to use EPSXE Apk for android.

If you have actually experience in game playing, you can use the cheat codes inside the game. If you want the old video games on your Smartphone with incredible graphics high quality, overall this application is something which you ought to install.

How to Install EPSXE APK in Android

Here we will give simple steps. So follow the below given steps and download the EPSXE latest free apk carefully.

  • Go to the Google play store and search for EPSXE, you will find the app in search results as it is a paid app.
  • The user has to buy this app before downloading and you can also see the link for side loadingof the ePSXe apk on your android device.
  • Go to the settings options of your phone and turn on notification downloading from the “unknown sources”, by this it helps you to download apk easily in the case of sideloading app.
  • You also need to download the ROMs and BIOS from the sources given. Make sure that you choose the right country in the settings while downloading the ROM so that it helps you to choose the right language and many other settings that depends upon the region.
  • Now you are able for the installation process and after the apk successfully installed you need to follow the steps which shown them and start the game and run flawlessly.

How to use epsxe apk

Steps should be followed after the installation of ePSXe apk on your android device.

  • Go to the ePSXe emulator folder on your device of SD card memory. If you don’t have SD card and your android device doesn’t support the SD card then in that case you need to search the ePSXe folder on yo
  • ur internal memory.
  • Now, with care keep the downloaded BIOS files and ROM files in the ‘BIOS’ and ‘isos’ directories respectively.
  • Now open the ePSXe apk in your android device and tap on the button run game to operate and for game play.
  • After completing the above step in your phone, the device will immediately search for the BIOS and ROMS and will load the ROMS in the ePSXe simulator from where the user can choose the PS1 game as per his need.

Free Download EPSXE for PC Windows (8/8.1/10/7/XP/Vista), Laptop, Computer, Desktop 32, and 64-bit Free Download

The emulator application enables you to run PS One games by yourself on your Android device. Coming to the properties of ePSXe, it has nothing traditional, i.e., it is not alternative for almost anything from various other similar emulators. This gaming emulator obtains the simplicity of the user that’ll permit you to literally find out sources and also uncover all its features. Choose the best free android emulators from this list.

Features of EPSXE APK for Windows 10/8.1/8/7

  • The wonderful application will allow you to run PlayStation One games in your Android tools.
  • In its residential properties ePSXe has absolutely nothing standard it means it does not vary almost anything from other comparable emulators.
  • This gaming emulator has very simple user interface of use that will let you promptly discover and also discover all its functions.
  • It for Android consists of virtual touchscreen pad support, hardware buttons mapping, and also analogue sticks.

Installation of EPSXE for PC Windows 10 Using Blue Stacks Android Emulator

Here, i will tell you the installation process of Download Google Play Store for pc. Just you need to do is follow the simple steps below. Below is the download link for an emulator Bluestacks. Click on the link provided below or else go into official website of bluestacks and download.

Download BlueStacks

  • Open Your Browser and search for Blue stacks app player for windows PC. Download it from official site or I will provide you a link above.
  • Launch Android app player in your pc.
  • Download Google Play store APK to your pc. After completing download open the app with Android app player which you have installed.
  • That’s it. In android app player you can run Google playstore in Pc.
  • After this, Open the Playstore app and search for EPSXE. You will find out there.
  • Install the app directly, from the install option. After Installation, Open the App and enjoy the above features.
  • That’s it. You have completed download and installation of EPSXE for PC.

Installation of EPSXE APK for Windows 7/8/8.1/10 Using Nox Player

Nox player is one of the best android emulator for windows pc. By this emulator you can run all the android apps in your windows pc. Not only android games you can run all the android apps like entertainment apps, musical apps, chatting apps, messaging apps and much more areable to run in windows pc. Features of apps don’t change while using in pc. Those will remain same. Here i will guide you installation of Nox app player.

  • Download the Nox app player from the official website or download from below link.

Download NOX Player

  • Open the downloaded file, from its download location and Start installation.
  • Follow the steps as per your screen notifications
  • After successful installation, launch the emulator and open it.
  • On the desktop screen you will find Playstore. Open the Playstore app and search for EPSXE APK.
  • After Finding the app click on install and wait until complete installation.
  • Open the app and enjoy all the features of the app. For this you need to sign in to your google account.

EPSXe for iOS Devices – iPhone and iPad

EPSXe Apk is a gaming emulator app which was made for Android and iOS users, and also it is unique software that enables users to use the Play station Emulator in their Android or iOS devices for absolutely free of cost. When you have really experienced, you could make use of the cheat codes inside the games to have more fun while playing. Overall this application is something which you have to install on the off chance that you need the old computer games on your Smartphone with amazing graphics quality.

Method to install ePSXe APK for iOS

iOS 11 is the latest running version from iOS devices which is running on all the latest devices of iPhone. There are many tools available to access on the web. All those tools will give you a chance to play PC games on your iOS devices. Such tools are commonly called as gaming emulators. EPSXe iOS is rated as the best emulator to play PSX and PS One games on iOS gadgets.

Most of the tools are available online but they don’t run on non-jail broken iOS gadgets. Be that as it there are so many iOS emulators which you can use the APK’s in iOS devices. Some of them are like iemu4u iOS, emu4u iOS and so forth that are capable of working extraordinarily on Non-Jailbroken gadgets. The interested users can directly download the link of ePSXe Emulator from the official websites available on the web and install ePSXe PlayStation Emulator on iOS 11.

Steps to download free ePSXe APK on iOS/iPhone/iPad

Unfortunately, ePSXe Emulator isn’t officially available to download for iOS gadgets. You can try for alternate methods to download ePSXe alternative applications for iOS. We know, you’re feeling the loss of the features of ePSXe Emulator yet it’s not officially launched. We understood your problem and brought you an alternative method to install EPSXE Apk for iOS devices.

In the event that you still need to download ePSXe iOS 11, at that point you have to follow some additional steps which I mentioned below.

Download iOS To Android Emulator– As I explained you above, there are some emulators which will help us to run android APK’s in iOS devices. Those are called iOS emulators.EPSXe for iOS still a work in progress system yet its Android version was launched on the market in very recent times. By playing out a little change, you can install ePSXe on your iPhone. Utilizing ePSXe Apk file, you can emulate it easily on your iOS 11.

  1. Download ePSXe App– You will require an Android bundle to install on iPhone utilising iOS emulator. Simply download ePSXe Emulator Apk file from the official website available online.
  2. Run ePSXe APK On iOS Emulator– You have an iOS Emulator which can play any Android APK file. Simply launch iOS Emulator and run ePSXe Emulator on iOS 11.
  3. Open ePSXe on iPhone– You’ve installed ePSXe on iOS 11 through iOS Emulator application. Now the next step is to look for ePSXe in the applications menu and launch it.
  4. Play PSX and PSOne Games– With the help of ePSXe Emulator, you can play PSX and PSOne games on iOS gadgets. Simply run any PSX game through ePSXe for iOS 11.


How Can I Get the EPSXE BIOS File?

Dear User, You can get the bios file from a number of websites on the internet however we would recommend that you use your own ps1 bios. Otherwise, some websites are providing malware containing software’s. Be careful about them

Can I Use Controller With?

Yes, of course you can use. EPSXE APK download offers a wide range of controller support. When we said that epsxe is highly compatible we weren’t joking. It offers full support to a range of different controllers even the newer ones like the Xbox 360 controllers

Where Can I Get Rom Files?

Roms can be easily found on sites like emuparadise and coolrom both offer the best in class servers so that you can download your games at max speed. An additional feature that these sites offer is that they have a seperate section for ps1 games so you don’t have to filter out the ps1 games you can just go to their ps1 section where they offer a wide variety of ps1 games that you can choose from.

Will You Provide Any Images or Screenshots of Installation or Downloading Procedure?

Unfortunately no there is no support for screenshot right now however you can still take them via your phone. Sad for epsxe apk download right?

Can I Save or Load My Game Later On? If Yes, How?

It’s a really easy process all you have to do is to go to the upper right corner
(for pc) and press the load or save option. For android you have to press the back button which will take you to the settings menu from here you can save/load your game.


Finally our website technologymess has got a number of tools and applications for your everyday needs. By utilising those tools, we can play anything on Android, windows and iPhone devices without much hassle. Up to my knowledge I gave you all the clear information about the entire article.EPSXeAPK Emulator is the best PSX amusement Emulator for Android yet by following above trick; we can get ePSXe for iOS 11 as well.

This Emulator upgrades the gaming background by enhancing sounds and graphics on any PSX and PSOne games. I prescribe you to download ePSXe Emulator on Windows PC by following the same method. If you found any problems while using the app or installing the app, please let us know. Post your queries in below comment box. We always read your comments and provide you the best answers. Please share this article with your friends. It might be helpful to one who are gaming lovers.

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