Hello, Today I came with up an interesting topic that is How to Download Google Play Store for PC? Wondering with this question? No More wonders from now. Because it is absolutely true.Guys, what will you do if you want to install any app to your android?

Simply, in our android we will go to play store and search for the app and install it directly. Absolutely, this is a simple process.Had you ever thought, what if google play store is available for pc? Once install it in your device and enjoy the apps which will directly install to your pc windows 7/8/8.1/10. I can truly say that it is a best alternate method in this era.

There is a alternate method for every big processes. Waiting for official play store for pc will get us caught. Till official release of play store for pc, use this simple alternate method and without any permissions you can use this method.

Here i will tell you in detail how to download google play store for windows. As a result we can get our favorite playstore for pc. Every time searching for a app remains us tired and irritated.

Once install this google play store for pc using bluestacks android emulator and search for the apps which you want to download to your pc using bluestacks. In this article i will guide you how to download playstore and installation. Follow the simple steps given below and enjoy.

People, now a days are taking very huge process to download apk files to pc. Everytime downloading the apk from official sites and installing it from android emulators is a very tough tasks. By this i decided to work on this article How to download google play store for pc.

Finally In addition In this article I was going to tell you about Google Play store, How to Download Google Play Store for PC? Installation of Google Play store for PC and features of Google Play Store for Windows 7/8/8.1/10. Let us start our topic without wasting time with an introduction. Everybody has android mobiles and using a much updated apps in it.

Therefore In android it’s simple to download the apps in mobile. Just you need to do is search the app in a play store and simply touch on install option. Finally your installation will completes.

Had you think ever how to play or use these apps in PC? Worrying about it? No more worries because it has a solution. Therefore For those people who are searching to use the apps in pc, it was a right place for them. Let’s start our article on Download Google Play Store for PC.

Strictly we can use any android device with out some apps, but without playstore there is no android. Playstore crossed almost 50 million milestone of downloads. We can get any type of app, like music apps, chatting apps, messaging apps, dating apps, free movie apps, radio apps, customization apps and much more.

Some apps are not available in playstore? Worried about that ? Surely everyone face this type of situation. The app that doesn’t available in playstore is not a fake app. Google wont encourage some type of apps. It has some policies, those app which satisfies all these will uploaded in playstore. Playstore google for pc is available.

There are million tons of apps in playstore. Likely there are tons of apps which are not available in playstore. Some of them contain harmful content and some are malware. Not all apps are like that, some are trusted apps.

What is Google Play Store?

Install Google play store in PC

Everyone knows it. It is a digital media store for android market operated and developed by Google. It serves as the official store for the android operating system and allows users to browse and download the require apps simply to their smart devices. Both free and cost apps are available in this play store.

You can download the apps by seeing rating and review of previous app users. News, Music, Books, Games, Educational and more apps are available in this Play Store. The apps are listed as free and cost, conform while installing the app. Look on review before going to install any applications directly into your pc/mobiles.

Features of Google Play store for PC

  • Avail almost all the apps in Play Store.
  • Directly install apps to your android device.
  • Parental Controls
  • Customize automatic updates
  • Add apps to your wish list

What is Emulator

An emulator is a type of software, which converts an application runs different operating systems. Every app is created to run only in their specific operating systems. To run the apps in another OS these emulators are created. By this you can run all the games, music apps, video apps, chatting apps in another OS. If it is a android emulator, you can run android apps, if it is a iOS emulator you can run iOS apps in android.

Why Emulator is Used?

Applications are designed as per OS standards. Hence we can use android apps in android devices itself. They don’t show compatibility with other OS systems like iOS and windows. Hence these emulators will convert applications to run in other OS.

If suppose iOS apps are converted into apk files to use in android systems. In simple words, emulators are that software that lets users run a feature of one particular system into another one, even if by default the application doesn’t do that. Google playstore for pc is available for download now. Download from here.

It is not possible for every user to buy one iOS and one Android device to see the features of both and companies don’t allow users to share applications on compared to one on one devices that’s why the emulators are becoming famous every day because they provide you the solution and get the benefits of those apps on your Android smartphone that were initially developed for iOS devices. VMate apk is the best app for entertainment

How to Download Google play store for PC

Google Play store for Pc is not available now. Here we have another way to get this app. It is by using android emulators. We have so many android emulators. Our technolgymess had done with this article. Among them I suggest you BlueStacks offline emulator.

If you are already familiar with bluestacks check-into using the apk’s by andy emulator, which is the next popular android emulator. Download Google Play store for pc, google play store for windows is really not a tough task for you after reading the simple guidelines below.

Don’t worry about that, we are going to give you a simple way to download Bluestacks app player. By using that bluestacks we can download and install Google Play store for PC. The thing you have to do is simply follow the guidelines to get this Google Play store for pc.

Installation of Google Play Store for PC Using Blue Stacks Android Emulator

Here, i will tell you the installation process of Download Google Play Store for pc. Just you need to do is follow the simple steps below. Hence below is the download link for Bluestacks. Click on the below link or else go into official website of bluestacks and download.

Download Google play store for Windows

Download BlueStacks or Choose Best Android Emulators

  • Open Your Browser and search for Blue stacks app player for windows PC. Download it from official site or I will provide you a link above.
  • Launch Android app player in your pc.
  • Download Google Play store APK to your pc. Our site has already came with an article on Download Google Play Store Apk. Download it from the link.
  • After completing download open the app with Android app player which you have installed.
  • Thats it In android app player you can run Google playstore in Pc.

Installation of Google Play Store for PC Using Andy Android Emulator

If you are familiar with Bluestacks, try this andy android emulator for new look. It is also one of the top android emulators. Downloading the apk file is same as above. But the installation via blue stacks and andy is different.

Here, we will provide you a link to download andy android emulator. Installation is same as all the applications/softwares you done with your pc. Click on the below link to download andy android emulator.

Installation of Google Playstore for Windows 7/8/8.1/10 Using Nox Player

Nox player is one of the best android emulator for windows pc. By this i am sure that you can run all the android apps in your windows pc. Not only games, but also you can run all the android apps, which are like, music apps, chatting apps, messaging apps much more can run in windows pc. Features of apps dont change while using in pc. Those will remain same. Here i will guide you installation of Nox app player.

  • Download the Nox app player from the official website or click here.
  • Open the downloaded file, from its download location.
  • Start installation by opening the app from its download location
  • Start Installation and follow the steps as per your screen notifications
  • After successful installation, launch the emulator.
  • Playstore will open on your screen and after search for the app which you want to install.
  • For this you need to sign in to your google account.


How can I download Google Play store for my PC?

If you are using windows 7,8,10 Version. You need to Install Android emulators for using play store, Windows 11 has inbuilt option.

Does Windows 10 have Google Play store?

No, You need to install Android Emulators for Using.

Does Windows 11 have Google Play store?

Even though Google doesn’t allow it, you can still run the official Google Play Store on Windows. For the first time, you can install Android apps on Windows. Android apps, games, and notifications are natively supported on Windows 11


Here Technology Mess had came to a conclusion on how to Download Google Play store for PC. Hence i concluded that How to download google play store for pc. Up to my knowledge i had given you a clear information about this article. Finally i am saying that it is not an official but although we can use this in a official manner.

This is the only way to install the apk files into our pc’s and enjoying them. Kindly help us by sharing this article in social media. If you have any quires regarding this article post it in comment box. We will reply you as soon as possible. Thank You. Meet you with an another new article.

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